Whether a swimming pool is commercial or private or outside or inside, it will get dirty. Dirt both stems from environmental sources as well as from swimmers.

Outdoor pools are especially affected by environmental contaminants, such as debris and dirt, bird droppings with harmful pathogens, rain with microscopic algae spores, and various waters stemming from unhygienic sources.  

Although indoor swimming pools are not as exposed to environmental contaminants as outdoor pools, many contaminants are introduced by swimmers. By maintaining a high sanitation standard by bathing before entering the pool, the introduction of contaminants is heavily reduced. Still, contamination can never be fully prevented.

The contaminants introduced by infected swimmers comprise micro-organisms, body fluids such as sweat, saliva, mucus, urine, feces, and a diverse range of personal care products such as sunscreen, body lotion, perfume, and cosmetics. As an example, researchers have established that each person using a swimming pool introduces 30 to 80 ml of urine on average. Thus, a commercial pool used by many people may potentially contain several liters of urine. As many swimmers typically use commercial pools, adequate filtration is imperative to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Still, filtration is also crucial for privately held swimming pools.

If the water in a swimming pool is not cleaned, it will quickly turn into a mess and a severe health concern. Pool filtration is performed to secure healthy surroundings, high sanitation standards, and prevent transmission of infectious waterborne viruses.

The best commercial pool filters can remove more than 99 % of unwanted particles, leading to significantly improved water quality.

Commercial pool filtration systems can remove harmful matter such as Cryptosporidium alveolates, abbreviated crypto, a parasitic alveolate stemming from human feces. Crypto is detrimental to human health and can cause respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases involving diarrhea and coughing.

Insofar as suspended solids and bacteria are not removed, these will remain in the swimming pool, and the swimming pool will become a health concern, where waterborne viruses are transmitted.

But with the right commercial pool filters, you can obtain the cleanest water while lowering your chemical consumption, which delivers a healthier solution for human health. Read more about why you should reduce your chemical consumption in your pool and spa area here.

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Whether a swimming pool is commercial or private or outside or inside, it will get dirty. Dirt both stems from environme...