We are in the decade of action. By the end of this decade, the ambitious SDGs should have been turned into realities. But if we are to turn these ambitious goals into a prosperous future for all, we need to accelerate the green transition. There is an apparent need for sustainable innovation to provide cleaner air and cleaner water to accelerate this.

At LiqTech, we develop state-of-the-art filtration technologies with the aim to decarbonize some of the world’s most polluting industries. This is to deliver cleaner air and cleaner water. And cleaner air and cleaner water will, undoubtedly, have positive spillover effects on human health and wildlife. Still, in order to develop innovative, viable, and cost-effective solutions, we constantly strive to include partners as collaboration facilitates innovation.

Collaboration improves the implementation of innovative thinking. Once various unique skillsets, viewpoints, and knowledge are involved in a project, new unique ideas and solutions are generated. And this is essential in order to constantly deliver innovative products, which can both ensure progress and sustainability through technology for the purification of liquids and gasses.

Therefore, LiqTech collaborates with more than 100 universities all over the world, more than 50 institutes and research establishments from all over the world, as well as more than 100 industrial partners and peers.

To us, it is essential to combine partners from the academic world as well as from multiple industries. This combination enables us to bridge the gap between research and practical application of treatment technologies for water and gases. We participate in national and international development projects with universities, industry peers, and various companies. This facilitates a unique network as well as knowledge sharing. Moreover, this secures access to world-class facilities for research, development, and tests of pilot units. To us, these partnerships are absolutely crucial in order to improve our future.

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Do you want to improve the future together? Feel free to contact our Research & Development Department for more information about ongoing projects and possibilities for cooperation.

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We are in the decade of action. By the end of this decade, the ambitious SDGs should have been turned into realities. Bu...