The impacts of living an improved lifestyle are omnipresent. Polluting cross-country and cross-border industries, such as shipping and oil and gas, discharge significant amounts of harmful pollutants and gases caused by heavy fuel burning processes. These pollutants are, e.g., carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur oxide (SOx), nitrogen oxide (NOx), particulate matter (PM), and heavy metals. And although not all these elements are to be seen with the naked eye, their impacts are. This harms the environment, ecosystems, and human health. Shortly summarized, CO2 has a warming effect and contributes to climate change. SOx can lead to respiratory symptoms and lung diseases. In the atmosphere, SOx can cause acid rain, which will ultimately harm crops, forests, as well as aquatic species by acidifying the world’s oceans. And high levels of NOx can lead to respiratory infections, asthma, and chronic lung diseases, while NOx smog leads to poor air quality and harms vegetation. Consequently, urgent, efficient solutions are required to right the wrong. This is why LiqTech is here.

A sustainable future for water filtration

We are here to minimize the impacts from some of the world’s most polluting industries, such as shipping, mining, oil and gas, and power plants. The purpose of our products and specialist know-how is to ensure progress and sustainability through innovative thinking and unique technologies for the purification of liquids and gases. We enable sustainable growth by decarbonizing polluting industries and ensure compliance with current and future environmental regulations and discharge limits.

Wastewater recyclingWe turn waste into resources. Wastewater treatment can purify industrial wastewater to such an extent that it can be reused, recycled, or recovered. Moreover, industrial wastewater may even contain additional resources, which is useful in other production processes. Once we start to recycle our scarce water resources, we can start to resolve the world’s water crisis.

Based on more than 20 years in the filtration industry, we have developed and refined our advanced membrane technology based on the unbreakable and durable material silicon carbide. In the right applications, this product can lead the change to decarbonization, which will benefit the current as well as future generations.

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The impacts of living an improved lifestyle are omnipresent. Polluting cross-country and cross-border industries, such a...